Why helping our community is part of our DNA

Playing an active role in the local and wider community to support causes that need it most is of paramount importance to everyone here at Certis.

In March, a Certis team, including our senior managing director Tom Roche, took part in the Smith Family Challenge.

The 100km challenge, which takes place over two days, involves mountain biking, running, kayaking and navigation.

Participants raise money to provide disadvantaged Australian children with essential equipment such as school books, shoes, bags and uniforms, that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

This year the Certis team is proud to have raised over $40,000 for the Smith Family Challenge, contributing to the target-smashing $1,000,000 raised overall. Since 2008, the event has raised nearly $5,000,000 and shows no signs of slowing down.

“Even after ten years, [this year’s] challenge was as tough as the first, but the cause is worthy of the struggle, says Tom. “The Smith Family does a tremendous job, and we are proud to be supporters.”

It’s the little things that matter most

As well as The Smith Family Challenge, Certis teams across the country are regularly involved in numerous charitable causes that positively impact their communities.

One such example is Ronald McDonald House, which provides accommodation and support for the parents and families of children who are receiving treatment at adjacent hospitals across the country.

Many of these parents and family members are hundreds of kilometres away from home, and the opportunity to enjoy a meal bought and prepared for them often provides a huge morale boost at the end of a tough day supporting their child in hospital.

Tamara Bayly, Head of Compliance & QMS at Certis, is based in Newcastle, NSW. She and other members of the local team volunteer at Ronald McDonald House at John Hunter Hospital, a major hospital for much of north and north-western NSW, on the first Friday of every month.

“It’s such a worthwhile cause. Sometimes the families are there for months, and they’re not able to work, so financially it can have an impact on them, not to mention the emotional strain they’re under,” she says.

“If we go in and cook a meal, the families are so grateful. It saves them money but, more importantly, it gives them more time to spend with their sick child at the hospital.”

Tamara believes that getting involved in charitable initiatives such as Ronald McDonald House is not only invaluable for businesses, but important for employees, too.

“These families are doing it tough, and I think it puts things into perspective for those of us who volunteer our time,” Tamara says.

“It makes us realise, on a personal level, how fortunate we are, and it’s good for a business to be able to give a bit back to the community, to those people that need a bit of a hand.”



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