Welcoming new customers

As a national and international logistics freight forwarder, Wiseway’s business is reliant on being able to keep its clients’ goods moving securely and arriving on time.

But towards the end of 2018, the company – which transports a significant amount of milk products, including fresh and milk powder, to China – had a problem to solve.

Faced with significant changes to the freight forwarding regulations and how freight was screened, Wiseway needed help preparing its business accordingly – or face the consequences.

“Today, any company that is flying freight overseas must first screen that cargo before going on the plane,” explains Scott Nelson, Certis’s National Business Development Executive, who worked with Wiseway throughout the process. This ensures no explosives are concealed in the cargo adding to the overall safety of the aircraft and its passengers.

“Wiseway needed to have the capability to screen the cargo for its clients. If it was to lose its regulated air cargo agent authority, it could lose its client base, who would be forced to go and find other providers that could screen for them.”

Solutions to help businesses grow

The team performed a rigid security assessment across seven sites nationally. Wiseway accepted our recommendations and engaged us to provide the security equipment installation and manpower services that operate the X-ray machines on their behalf across Wiseway’s seven off-airport warehousing facilities.

The deadline to implement all security and screening capabilities was five weeks from the start of our engagement. We beat this tight deadline by almost two weeks. Today, more than 50 full-time and 20 part-time Certis staff work at Wiseway facilities.

In terms of Wiseway’s business, the impact has been profound. Not only has it enabled the company to offer uninterrupted screening services to its clients, it has helped grow the business, too.

Now that Wiseway is approved to screen cargo on its clients’ behalf, it has been able to capture more of its existing clients’ work, and can now attract new clients as an approved air cargo agent.


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