The SNP approach to People & Manpower

As part of a series of Blog Posts on the SNP approach to Transport and Infrastructure, this blog looks at the impact of People & Manpower in providing a security solution for any client in the industry.

People & Manpower

Broadly speaking, most security company’s core offer is based on either people, physical security, or technology or a combination of these.

One of the key challenges for security providers is clearly articulating the value of the people they provide. It is a challenge that some clients have when comparing the costs of one provider versus another. It’s natural to assume that people from one provider would be the same as the people from another provider but invariably they are not.

The culture of the organisations drive differences and this can be attributed to leadership, experience, training levels, levels of accreditation, customer service skills and how valued and engaged the employees are.

It’s important that security and service providers develop tangible measurements of performance that can clearly show the benefit and quality of their people to differentiate themselves against companies that offer the lowest cost but not necessarily the best value.

Considerations for getting the right security provider includes:

  • Provide true customer service skills in frontline employees,

  • Develop logistical and process improvements that deliver cost or time savings to enhance overall business performance through engaging the frontline,

  • Implement Risk Management Framework processes for improved employee safety,

  • Train and empower frontline employees to perform risk assessments as part of their everyday role, and

  • Partner with an organisation that can adapt quickly to changing risk levels and needs.

To be able to do this you need more than quality frontline employees, you need a support team that has both the experience and analytical capability to support these types of everyday initiatives that are beyond many other service providers.

If you’re looking for a security provider, you need to be sure they can clearly articulate how they will add value to your business – this is a key factor which needs to be incorporated into the costs and KPIs of both parties.

For client’s aiming for industry leadership, getting all of your providers to have customer service expertise, relevant industry experience and the ability to use best practice skills, will help you to achieve your KPI’s and help you differentiate your business.

As technology drives efficiencies, the security team can often be the first point of contact for an organisation. It is critical that they have the ability to listen, understand and engage proactively with many different individuals and understand their needs and requirements and that of your clients.

For example, SNP’s frontline employees have experience ranging from concierge services, customer service, mobile patrols, standard security officers and close personal protection officers. This enables SNP to manage risk and provide positive customer experiences. SNP strive to deliver the unexpected in many positive ways.

A security company which has the capacity to tailor a bespoke security solution around appropriate levels of people and manpower to efficiently deliver your security and service solution is what sets leading service providers like SNP Security apart from the rest.

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