The seven values we live by

A value is a judgement of what’s important. In work, as in life, our values drive our actions, our stories and our successes.

At Certis we have seven values, and we live by them every day. Find out a little more about how we see the world, our work, and our future.


As a company, we believe every single person has the right to return home safely after being at work – which is why safety is a key priority for our business. Safety is ingrained in our culture. For example, during an incident at a hospital this year, one of our staff courageously protected the safety of his colleagues, customers and others when disarming someone carrying a knife. We know it’s up to every one of us to ensure the safety of ourselves, our colleagues, our clients and the public at all times.

2. Integrity

From the transparency of our communications with clients to the risk management processes we have in place, our business is built to ensure the integrity of everything we do. To protect and maintain this, we have the Certis Whistleblowing Channel, an independent channel that enables employees, suppliers or stakeholders to report any suspected or actual fraud, corruption, illegal acts or unethical practices.

3. Customer focus

Every conversation we have with our clients is focused on delivering the very best outcomes, from the development of our bespoke solutions using BPRO (Business Process Re-engineering and Operations), to the ease of using BOSS (Business Operation Support System). We are always looking for better solutions for our customers. One of our clients required complex billing arrangements. Our solution not only met their expectations but also saved them from hiring two full time administrative employees.


At the heart of our business is our team – and how that team works together is crucial for us to deliver exceptional service. Late last year our security team was praised by the head of a regional airport for the teamwork shown during a British Royal visit. According to the operations manager in charge, the team were the ‘awesome eyes and ears’ who assessed and managed risks ‘effortlessly’.


Courage is something that sets people apart – which is why we include it as one of our core values. It’s the courage to do the right thing. The courage to want to continually improve. The courage to embrace innovation. The courage to exceed our clients’ expectations.


To deliver the highest quality service to our clients, and to build the very best working environment we can, care is critical. We care about technological advancement, and we care about making our world a better, safer and smarter place. We also care about the safety of each other – of our colleagues, our clients, our stakeholders and, of course, the public.

7. Professionalism

Every interaction – whether with clients or with each other – has to be one of absolute professionalism. From the way we bring potential clients into our Executive Briefing Centre to show them our vision of their future, to the way we interact with them daily, their trust and respect are earned through the professionalism of our interactions and service.



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