The secrets behind our safety record

Workplace health and safety isn’t just a compliance matter. It’s real life, it matters, and it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Safety is one of our seven values and, given our team is deployed to various sites, and could potentially be exposed to multiple unforeseen risks, it’s imperative we minimise the safety risks they face.

“I have kids and a family. Whenever I leave home, I want to come back safely,” says Fawad Walizada, Head of Operational Risk and Safety at Certis.

“When we talk about safety at Certis, that’s how we approach it. Whether you’re the CEO or a frontline worker, you want to get home safely. At a management and executive level, we have to do everything possible to take precautions to minimise risk in the workplace, and make sure that every person in our team gets home safely.”

Safety-first from the outset

When we begin working with a new client, we conduct a risk assessment to identify risks that are present to our staff, our clients, or the wider community who may be involved in that area.

“We then consult with our client and our workers involved in that site to make sure they are comfortable with the measures we propose putting in place to minimise the risk,” says Walizada. “Then, we will implement those strategies.”

It doesn’t stop there. Inductions and training give employees the tools they need to work safely, while programs such as the Business Operating and Support System (BOSS) provide real-time information flow, and on-site workers receive safety check-in prompts every two hours to ensure their safety.

Safety – it’s everyone’s responsibility

Safety isn’t, however, confined to the staff on the ground. Everyone at Certis lives and breathes the safety message.

A bi-monthly National Safety Steering Committee keeps a close watch on the business’ safety performance.

Chaired by the Managing Director and involving the Head of Operational Safety, Head of HR and General Managers from the other departments, the Committee ensures new legislation is implemented and adhered to, new improvement projects are launched, and that best practice is being maintained.

Certis is a regular participant at Safety Week, an event held by the aviation sector, while at our internal events, such as planning days and annual conferences, there is always a safety theme.

In fact, every single meeting at Certis starts with a safety message.

“We have a KPI (key performance indicator) for our managers at every level, that every time they hold a meeting – whether it’s a team meeting, a monthly meeting or a conference, they must start with a safety story,” says Walizada.

“It’s non-negotiable. It can be something simple, such as, ‘The other day I was talking on the phone as I was crossing the road, and I could have been hit by a car, so please don’t do that.’ It’s about identifying actions and hazards, and talking about them.”

Evidently, it works.

Safety is measured against the industry benchmark from Safework Australia, which is 16% lost-time injury frequency rate. At present, Certis is sitting at 1.9%.

And the lower that number, the more people are returning home every day injury-free.


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