The future of operations

The future of security is technology. There’s no better way to know this is true than to experience it first-hand.

This is the concept behind the Certis Executive Briefing Centre. Located at the Certis head office in Sydney, the immersive, futuristic 360-degree environment helps clients understand what’s possible. More importantly, it enables business to build a picture of how they can evolve.

First-hand experience

Ying Loong Lee, Certis’s General Manager Strategic Ops Tech & Market Development, describes the experience as unique and impressive.

“It is an immersive experience, a visualisation centre where we play curated videos to explain the futuristic concepts that we have in terms of delivering service in the security industry,” he says.

“We can take clients through our new concept, Security+, our trademark Business Process Re-Engineering and Operations (BPRO®), and our successes in Singapore and Australia. This reveals what the future looks like with our continued investment.”

Where the Executive Briefing Centre really comes into its own, however, is when it is time to show clients exactly how Certis can help their business.

Living in the future

While the wall-to-wall video screens certainly make an instant impression, Ying Loong Lee says it’s what follows that clients find genuinely remarkable.

After going through the BPRO® process, clients are walked through a bespoke experience demonstrating how the recommended systems and technology could be deployed, and the impact it could have on their operations.

“It’s a bespoke presentation showing how we will integrate our systems, from cameras to access controls, the guarding piece – all of the different parts that clients typically outsource,” Ying Loong Lee says.

“Then, we demonstrate how we integrate technology and what that actually looks like when deployed at their sites and locations.”

As well as being a hugely effective way of helping clients visualise their future state, the Executive Briefing Centre also assures clients that Certis is a company that genuinely leads with innovation and technology.

“The Executive Briefing Centre helps us assist like-minded clients, clients that we know already share the same vision as us,” Ying Loong Lee says.

“And, without fail, they are blown away.”


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