Health Service Solutions

SNP offers cost effective security solutions to hospitals, aged care facilities and clinics along with many other medical institutions. Our tailored security solutions are designed to help provide the highest level of care and support for your patients with a comprehensive approach to physical and emotional wellbeing.

Whether we’re providing concierge services, mobile patrols, visitor parking services, special event security, crime prevention or facilities management, our skilled workforce has the capacity to cater for all your requirements.

SNP offers a diverse range of services to the medical and healthcare industry, including:

  • Concierge Services
  • Administration Services
  • Operating Employees and Visitor Car Parks
  • Patient Transport Services
  • Special Event Security
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Static Guarding
  • Crime Prevention

The Patient Experience

The service you provide in the healthcare sector has a profound effect on people’s lives; therefore, sourcing the right workforce is critical.

From a busy hospital or clinic to an aged care home, we aim to provide welcoming, safe and supportive environments for patients and residents.

SNP personnel are trained to deliver the best possible patient experience while providing the solutions to keep your facility safe, clean and operating efficiently.

Request a Health Solutions Proposal

If you are looking for experienced and knowledgeable healthcare personnel that focus on the wellbeing of your patients and residents, request a proposal from SNP. We will work with you to tailor a solution for your organisation at the forefront of service and innovation and in keeping with up-to-date policies and procedures. We offer a large and diverse workforce with specialised training and experience in services ranging from health care concierge to hospital security, and the flexibility to adapt to your needs. Trust the experts in service delivery and contact us today.