Aviation Security and Service Solutions for a Better Airport Experience

SNP’s aim is to provide the aviation industry with smarter, more efficient and more connected experiences for all strategic partners and their passengers.

SNP has managed the security gateway of Sydney Airport for over 45 years alongside other airports including Sydney, Canberra, Albury, Newcastle, Sunshine Coast and Port Macquarie.

We support some of Australia’s largest Aviation contracts with services such as passenger and baggage screening, control room operations, greet and assist services, vehicle and foot patrols, VIP and group escorts, asset protection, asset guarding and more.

Within these areas SNP employees take on a number of roles such as:

  • Passenger and Baggage Screening
  • Building Control Room Operations
  • Airport Meet and Greet
  • WHS Safety Officers
  • Asset Protection
  • VIP/Group Escorts
  • Vehicle and Foot Patrols

SNP’s innovative systems help to improve airline safety and the passenger experience. We are a registered training organisation, with the capability of delivering nationally recognised accredited learning programs. We invest heavily in our state-of-the-art airline safety learning facilities to ensure all SNP employees are geared with the swift knowledge needed when the unexpected occurs.

SNP’s learning centre features five classrooms, well-equipped computer labs and a unique simulation floor. This simulation floor recreates a security screening point with the latest systems and environmental stresses of a busy terminal, enabling personnel to gain valuable experience before setting foot in the airport terminal.


Today’s Challenges: Tomorrow’s Solutions

With the unique challenges, high traffic and ever-changing nature of a busy airport, quality security professionals who possess sound judgement during times of crisis is absolutely crucial. Our world-class training, technology and innovation means SNP is capable of handling all challenges with integrity and foresight.

Our multi-lingual tablets and websites assist in communication between passengers and staff, while our award-winning CCTV systems enable faster response times and better incident management in airport security. With an in-depth experience in airport safety management systems, SNP is paving the way for smarter, more efficient and more connected experiences for all transport partners and their passengers.

Our training programs are held in such high regard that SNP was invited on behalf of the Australian Government to deliver specialised programs in security screening for airports within the Asia Pacific nations such as Indonesia, Thailand and Papua New Guinea.

Request Aviation Solutions Proposal

If you are looking for experienced and knowledgeable Aviation personnel that focus on the wellbeing of your passengers and employees, request a proposal from SNP. We will work with you to tailor a solution for your organisation at the forefront of service and innovation and in keeping with up-to-date policies and procedures. We offer a large and diverse workforce with specialised training and experience in services ranging from passenger and baggage screening to asset protection, and the flexibility to adapt to your needs. Trust the experts in service delivery and contact us today.