Handheld Thermal Cameras

At SNP, we constantly aim to provide innovative product solutions to our customers. Developed through consultation with police, fire and security companies, the SNP Handheld Thermal Camera offers an additional layer of protection for your business.

Handheld Thermal Cameras utilise thermal imaging to allow the viewer to see in complete darkness. Stored and operated from a backpack, it is easy to use and quick to deploy. A 5” monitor provides viewing capability, and the rechargeable battery allows for distribution in remote locations.

Specialised uses of our Handheld Thermal Camera include covert and overt security, surveillance and search and rescue operations. Thermal cameras are able to see what is outside our visual spectrum. Our eyes see the reflection of light in objects to create a picture – no light, then no picture. Our Handheld Thermal Camera solution will pick up the heat emitted by a person of interest, creating a clear indication that will differ from its surroundings.

Regional and transport clients surrounded by dense bushland are two great examples of customers who can utilise this type of security equipment. An intruder wearing camouflage clothing may otherwise go unnoticed, putting your business at risk.


  • IR sensor type: Passive Infrared Uncooled micro bolometer
  • IR spectral range: 8 – 14 micrometer
  • IR sensitivity NEdT : <100 mK
  • Sensor array size: 320 x 240 pixels
  • Horizontal Field of View (FOV): 24 degrees
  • Focus: Fixed to infinity
  • Image polarity: White = Hot
  • Display Monitor: 5” LCD
  • Rechargeable Military Grade Battery : Nickel Metal Hydride, 24 V, in 2 x 12V Sections, 4.9Ah in 24 V Mode, 9.8 Ah in 12 V Mode, Run time in excess of 12hrs, 5 hr recharge time
  • Charger: Bren-Tronics Medium Rate Charger
  • Back pack: Black
  • Digital Video Recorder: H264 compressed video saved in .SDR2 format, approximate recording time of 60min per GB
  • Operating Temperature: – 20 C to + 45 C

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